Women Empowerment Initiative

Women’s Employment, Empowerments and Entrepreneurship

The WE Initiative – Women’s Employment, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship is a pan India initiative by FLO, encompassing various sectors. The focus is to skill and provide jobs for women in both traditional and non-traditional sectors.


  • Less than 3% population of India are trained professionals.
  • 54% of the population is below 25 years of age.
  • “WE” could bring the vast majority of young women from economically weaker sections to employable levels.
  • Skilling would bring financial freedom and sense of equality in women from economically weaker sections.
  • “WE” will help in Nation Building as envisaged by the Govt of India

FLO’s Vision for WE

  • To skill women from economically and socially backward in non-traditional areas
  • To empower them financially and instill sense of gender equality


we in transport

WE in Transport Initiative, which is a pan India initiative to facilitate training to underprivileged women to become 4 wheeled vehicle professional drivers & attain gainful employment It is an endeavour to create a pool of women drivers by bringing them into themainstream of the transport sector. This initiative focuses on the training of women as Taxi Drivers, Bus Drivers and conductors, getting them jobs and eventually making them car owners.

This initiative being is conducted by FLO Chapters pan India

  • Maruti Suzuki Nationally to train 1500 women Pan-India at NO COST to FLO
  • Maruti Driving Schools to provide: Training, LLR & PDL – FLO to Coordinate
  • National Tie – Up with Apollo Hospitals for employment as Valet Service Drivers
  • Chapter Tie-Ups with State Govt. – Police, Transport and Skill Development
  • Collaboration with Uber technologies for facilitating women drivers
  • MDS to train women Pan-India via – UNNATI Scheme
  • National Tie–Up for employment – in talk with ITC and Taj group of Hotels

WE SERVICES (Security, Housekeeping, Gardening & Cooking)

The initiative aims to have more women in schools in non-teaching jobs to help create jobs for women in the field of security, housekeeping, gardening and cooking. Also, for women coming into employment, schools would provide an excellent and secure environment to work in.

The focus is on the FLO members, who are running educational institutions, are playing major role to make this unique initiative a success and is being carried out by all the Chapters of FLO pan-India.


This initiative aims at facilitating skill development amongst women in the traditional fields such as Embroidery, beauty, jewellery making, tailoring etc.

The focus is to develop women's expertise in the production of marketable goods and services, with special focus on rural entrepreneurs, thereby improving productivity, employability and income-earning opportunities.


The Telecom sector has created a new digital society of mobile internet, social media, e-commerce and entertainment. Indian telecom sector is expected to generate four million direct and indirect jobs over the next five years according to estimates by Randstad India.

Women are playing an increasingly important role in the Indian telecom industry, which is the fastest growing and second largest in the world. As per the global trend, women in India are steadily getting empowered with the growing e commerce, social media, penetration of smart phone and internet, especially into the rural areas.

Through entrepreneurship and skill enhancement, telecom has the true potential for inclusive women empowerment in India.

  • FLO has interacted with and convinced major Telecom companies like Airtel, At& T and Spice mobile to employ more women at all levels in their companies.
  • Will help skill women for the telecom sector and in digital literacy with organisations like NIIT.


WE in Tourism aim to help establishing tourism as a tool for the promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment.

The objective is to promote women’s economic empowerment in the field of tourism by facilitating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for women by assisting access to jobs and creating possibilities for career advancement.


India is the emerging eCommerce market in the region and women need to further encourage women to foray into this area. FLO objective is to economically empower women and E-commerce can directly connect women to the market, particularly under privileged women and in Non-Urban centres, which will significantly empower women.

FLO is working in this direction through the WE in eCommerce Initiative, with the objective to facilitate the process of women empowerment by providing them a digital platform to promote their businesses.

There is an enormous opportunity to market products made by women - at small or medium scale, to be sold in wider markets through the E Commerce.

  • FLO can help enable many such manufacturers and NGOs in accessing the E Commerce Markets.
  • FLO has committed to provide a platform of mentorship in partnership with existing large successful E Commerce companies, who can guide such producers, impart skills and training and transfer some of their own learning to the new entrants.
  • FLO is also engaging students to provide mentorship to artisans and NGOs.
  • An MOU has been signed with Snapdeal to educate, enable and empower these entrepreneurs / members to use the online platform for exploring avenues to increase their business and enhanced market access.
  • Snapdeal will create an exclusive FICCI FLO Store titled “FLO Women of India” to represent the Women Empowerment in E-commerce for its members and artisans


FLO understands that sport can be an important vehicle for women empowerment and promoting gender equality. WE in Sports will encourage and support the promotion of women in sport at all levels and harness the potential of sport for social empowerment of women and girls.

This initiative will also aim at providing mentorship to women in sports and work towards goal of creating equitable opportunities for them. It will also help women and girls from across India to pursue their potential through and pursue their potential through sports.