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Interactive session with Prof. Daniel MQuade, Columbia Business School, NY on Venture Creation and Expansion- MBA- My Business Plan

FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO), under President 2017-18, Vasvi Bharat Ram, organised a very enriching session on “MBA- My Business Plan: Venture Creation & Expansion” on May 22, 2017 at FICCI. Prof. Daniel MQuade, Columbia Business School, NY was the speaker for the session.

Prof. McQuade , Director, Venture for all, Columbia Business School, is a specialist in Branding and Marketing. He is a marketing counselor for the Columbia-Harlem Small Business Development Center on marketing and branding to new business entrepreneurs and expanding small business ventures at Columbia Business School.

Venture for All®, hosted by the Columbia Business School, is a global initiative whose mission is to enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in emerging markets through education and mentorship.
Throughout the course of his career, Daniel has worked with and volunteered At many non-­‐profit organizations in capacities ranging from being a Founder, President, Executive Board Member & Trustee along with providing over $5M in grants to a wide range of non-profits institutions focusing on education and health and wellness programs.

The objective of the programme was to familiarize the participants with some of the important issues related to creating an effective business plan for setting up a new venture, expanding an existing business, creating the right marketing strategies, developing a unique branding and innovative way to place in the market. Throughout the program, participants worked on a marketing plan for a venture or product that is either in current development or being readied for expansion.”

FLO President Vasvi Bharat Ram said, FLO President Vasvi Bharat Ram said, “In line with FLO’s adage “Power to Empower”, FLO has been organising several programmes towards playing a catalystic role in the economic empowerment of women. FLO believes that it is essential to give appropriate emphasis on skilling girls and women to reap India’s demographic dividends. This session was organised primarily to expedite the processes for women entrepreneurs as also to provide them with the right approach to creating an effective business plan.”

She added, “Mr McQUade helped us explore and develop the idea for a successful business venture and guide us on the innovative approaches to help design a successful enterprise. The session also highlighted on the basic elements of a potential business plan and the ways to identify the right target group and formulate successful approaches to build stakeholder relationships.”