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Prabidita Bharati

Chairperson's Message

Dear Friends,

I have always been proud to call myself a member of Ficci Ladies Organisation and today I also feel humbled and privileged to be the given the opportunity to lead our Chapter as a Chairperson. I accept it with all humility and a commitment to take on this responsibility to the best of my ability. There will be challenges no doubt, but these will not be disadvantages….. Rather they will be our strength with which to take the Chapter to new heights. A Chair is no chair without its legs… its support… and hence I look forward to support from all members by way of sharing right ideas and thoughts, means of executing, concept and generally holding hands at all times in turning situations towards empowerment. Empowerment to me is the power to make my own decisions, small or big and this only happens when we are mentally, physically and economically independent. Most of us are lucky to be empowered but most of us can be counted on fingertips. There are thousands who aspires to be thus and the very essence and purpose of FLO will be served if we can endeavour to change even one life. The Chair is open to any idea, any belief, any concept towards this end….. One only needs to open the doors and windows of our minds to let our ideas take wings and I strongly believe the rest will fall in place.

I look upon all our Past Chairpersons for support, solidarity and good will… Your guidance, your experiences will go a long way in helping us take the Chapter to the next level.

I would like to quote here a line written by Yoko Ono and quoted by John Lennon ….’ a dream you dream alone is only a dream…a dream you dream together is reality’…. So lets all bring our dreams together for a greater and better reality… let us all join hands and move forward and grow as individuals and as social beings.

Wishing National President Vasvi Bharat Ram and her team a very successful and fulfilling year… God Bless !

Warmest Regards,
Prabidita Bharati
Chairperson North East

Prabidita Bharati


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Executive Commitee members 2018-2019

  • Sarita SikariaSr Vice Chairperson
  • Shrutimala DuaraVice Chairperson
  • Indrani DebImm. Past Chairperson
  • Juhie SabooSecretary
  • Deepa HazarikaTreasurer
  • Meghali DasJt. Secretary
  • Geetashree BaruaJt Treasurer