FLO Mumbai

Swati Mayekar

Chairperson's Message

As a Chair of Mumbai Chapter, I am incredibly conscious of the duties and tasks ahead. I am aware of the spectacular work done by my predecessors and it is uphill task to match upto the standards set by them. But as our past President Mr Abdul Kalam said, “We are not alone, the while universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work”

FLO has its own legacy and philosophy, “Power to empower” is the mission. Financial independency is a key for achieving women empowerment and that is why FLO lays emphasis on skilling women. Empowering also giving them dignity and hence sanitation.

Whenever one joins any organization one thinks, what I am going to get out of it. But in the case of FLO, like in the famous words of John F Kennedy and think do not ask what FLO can do for you but we can do through FLO.

To me the FLO has shown that path to give back to society. When we say we constructed 250 toilets, skilled more than 1000 women, I feel very proud that I am part of it. FLO is also a fantastic platform where one meets various eminent personalities, politicians, achievers of different backgrounds and cultures. So friends we have a busy diary this year and with my team reflecting their own strengths, I look forward to do my events.

Swati Mayekar

Chairperson – Mumbai Chapter

Executive Commitee members 2017-2018

  • Ms Minali ShahSr. Vice Chairperson
  • Ms Monica ChaturvediVice Chairperson
  • Ms Falguni PadodeImmediate Past Chairperson
  • Ms Anuradha BhatiaExecutive Secretary
  • Ms Shikha GuptaTreasurer
  • Ms Hema NarsimhanJt Treasurer