FLO Jaipur

Preeti Saboo

Chairperson's Message

Dear friends,

I consider it a great privilege to be at the helm of affairs of Flo as we step into the crucial 10th year.I embarked on this eventful journey with Flo Jaipur since its inception. This strong, resourceful& networking platform gave me immense opportunities to evolve & today I am here to lay the road map for the coming year 2016-17.

This year our events are planned to bring a considerable enhancement in various facets of our lives from theatre to entrepreneurship &B2B ;from workshops to self reliance,from health & wellness to celebrity & entertainment & most importantly CSR activities for the up-liftment of women at various levels.

In keeping with its vision to empower women with professional & entrepreneurial insights and also the culmination of its 10th year some highlights of the year would be –

  • Learning & fun going hand in hand with each event having a take-home value.
  • Shifting the paradigm from Women Empowerment to Women Equality hence we continue with our endeavors of training women in unconventional jobs as drivers, security guards etc
  • Reaching out to members and staying connected through social media in our quest for more involvement and greater participation of our members.
    As you see, the year ahead will be a mixed bag that will help us discover what ignites the spark in us, so that we can, in our own way, illuminate the world. Hence I propose the theme “IGNITE THE SPARK” for the year.

Seeking your benign support, your greater involvement & co-operation to usher in Flo 2016-17.

Warm Regards,
Preeti Saboo


Preeti Saboo

Chairperson Jaipur Chapter

Contact No. 7728885984

Executive Commitee members 2017-2018

  • Ms. Minal JainSr.Vice Chairperson
  • Ms. Nitasha ChordiaVice Chairperson
  • Ms. Alka BatraImm. Past Chairperson
  • Ms. Kanak MeghrajTreasurer