FLO Chennai

Sudha Shivkumar

Chairperson's Message

Dear Friends,

Many years ago FLO Chennai began, chaired by great Chairpersons under guidance from many National Presidents.

They have built this organisation and have made a difference to our community. As mother Teresa said “Everything we do is only a drop in the ocean. And the ocean would be poorer but for each drop.

Today, I am proud to be part of that organisation that stands committed to promoting entrepreneurship and professional excellence among women.

Friends, my FLO year awaits us, full of promise, a new chapter in the life of flo, its pages empty waiting to be filled. Would the pen poised over the page write of generous deeds, of responsibility, or work done well? Every page is a gift and each one is a choice. FLO gives us that choice – let us exercise that choice to empower ourselves, to empower the women in the society we live in. Let’s make a choice to involve and participate in FLO projects.

The programmes set out last year through WE, Swayam, WCD and the village project, will continue to be our social goal indicators. This year we intend ploughing greater efforts for a larger reach and penetration. In addition to these projects, we have tied up with “The Institute of Hotel Management & Technology “for skilling and training women as cooks and butlers.

We have tied up with Satyabama University for free coaching classes for deserving students aspiring to become IAS officers. A mentoring lab, leadership training programmes for college students and career guidance are on the cards. A tie up is envisaged with artisans to promote their products online through Snapdeal.

The framework to “Woman’s justice “involves not only prevention of specific forms of violence and discrimination, but also other human rights. We intend working on a series of programmes to provide and sensitize women on laws and rights relevant to them.

A lot of ground work has been done on the smart village programme. Our thrust here is to strengthen livelihood and focus on education, health, sanitation and good water.

We are in the process of tying up prolific writers, influential speakers, acclaimed spiritual coaches to keep our regular meetings interesting.

Workshops to inspire, inform and educate have been planned throughout the year.

Dotted with fun evenings and fundraisers we hope the year to be fruitful and satisfying of course with all your support.

As I accept this office, I am ready to begin my walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the planners and the doers. And they are my team.

With them is my next step, our next step….

Ladies, together we can.

Sudha Shivkumar, Chairperson
Chennai Chapter

Sudha Shivkumar

Chairperson - Chennai Chapter

Contact No. +91 9941014414

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