FLO Bangalore

Dr. Swarnalatha Mallavarapu

Chairperson's Message

Dear Friends,

It is an honour to have been nominated Chairperson of FLO Bangalore for 2016-17. The prospect of leading our fine chapter to greater and greater strengths over the next year fills me with excitement; that I will be doing it alongside such inspirational women is humbling.

Looking back at my professional career thus far – be it as a scientist, a businesswoman, or a university board member – one thing is obvious: our work at FLO across India is becoming increasingly more relevant and more vital to any kind of real, sustainable progress. Thus it is with great pride that I and my team will strive to forward our mission of promoting economic empowerment and equal opportunity for women through a strong network of women leaders.

My vision for the coming year is to forward the growth of the multi-faceted woman. Leadership, career, personal development, family, community – we aim to emphasize all aspects that bring value to us.

In order to do so, I will be focusing on:

  • Moving towards achieving self-sustenance for the Bangalore Chapter by growing the membership pool
  • Introducing more operational structure and best practices in functional areas
  • Maintaining a quality standard for programs to promote attendance, networking, and visibility for the chapter
  • Branding FLO through engagements with corporates, government agencies and NGOs
  • Building on the corpus through sponsorships and fundraising events
  • Facilitating a smoother connect from business, educational, and social perspectives to maximize the advantages of being a contributing member of this organization.

Our path will not be without challenges, but the prospect of overcoming them is exhilarating in itself. I look forward to this coming year with hope, enthusiasm, and determination. I’d like to leave you with a quote that has stuck with me over the years:

“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make change”.

May we all, work together to achieve all that we dream.

Dr. Swarnalatha Mallavarapu
Banaglore Chapter

Dr. Swarnalatha Mallavarapu

Chairperson - Bengaluru Chapter

Contact No. 91 80 41436037

Executive Commitee members 2017-2018

  • Lakshmi IshwarSr. Vice Chairperson
  • Sarita BakhshiVice Chairperson
  • Rati Dhandania MunderyImm. Past Chairperson
  • Revathi RajuSecretary
  • Shruti MittalJt. Secretary
  • Vandana AgarwalTreasurer
  • Nupur HandaJt. Treasurer